Who We Are

OXE Services Corp. is a Spanish business group that, as its name suggests, it’s focused on providing consultancy services, both in projects’ definition and in projects’ development and implementation, especially for security & low voltage areas.

More in detail, our services cover the different stages of a project: initial advisory and budgeting, general and detailed engineering, technology supply and systems integration when needed, maintenance, etc.

 Oxe Services          Oxe Services          Oxe Services

OXE Services Corp. is composed of leading companies and professional experts in their area, which allows as covering such a wide range of projects and their phases.

 Oxe Services          Oxe Services          Oxe Services

We can approach different tasks and actions within a project’s life cycle:

  • On one hand, as professional consultants and integrators, we can just advise or even execute turnkey projects.
  • As manufacturers, we can supply the products and market solutions that best fit your project’s requirements.

All these resulting in a costs and performance optimization.